Gold Quartz and Shale Rock - Unique Harvard Gold Mine Specimen


An intricate natural gold and quartz specimen that still has the host rock "shale" attached on the top and bottom. This piece has an estimated 12 to 15 grams of gold inside and is considered a project piece with lots of gold still left to uncover. The X-ray in the photos was done by the prospector Ed and shows the gold still hidden underneath the quartz. I'm honored to have this piece of natural gold and this gold collection on the website. This gold was found by my good friend and mentor, Ed. Being a prospector for 36 years, Ed has traveled the world extensively with his metal detector and found hundreds of gold nuggets and gold specimens. Click the video below to learn more about Ed and his beautiful collection of gold available on this website.

Item# EK1839
Weight: 36.4 grams
Dimensions: 52 mm

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