Nature's Sculpture - Rare Arsenopyrite Gold Specimen -California


Certainly my best gold and arsenopyrite specimen from California. A very large and faceted arsenopyrite crystal jets from the top of white quartz that is laced with bright yellow crystallized gold. A fantastic sculpture made by natures rare elements. This piece was one I had to negotiate on for about half an hour but wasn't leaving without it.

When miners discover large amounts or "shelves" of arsenopyrite when blasting and tunneling, there is a good chance that large amounts of gold are nearby. This was the case with the Oriental Mine in the Allegheny Mining District of California. Most of the gold there was not mixed with the pyrite but some most certainly was. I was able to acquire a few handfuls of these unique gold specimens. They were mined by the longtime owner Don Dickey and held in his collection for decades before finally being available on the open market.

Item# T1046
Weight: 18.2 grams (280 grains)
Dimensions: 1-3/4" or 43 mm

There is gold and then there is GOLD! Not all gold was created equal. At we spend most of our time seeking out the world’s finest gold nuggets and gold specimens.

-Only about 2% of the gold in the world is in “gold nugget” form and the other 98% is microscopic speck and flake gold found in ore. A good gold ore today will have about one ounce of gold for every two tons of rock.
Even rarer are crystallized gold specimens and only about 0.04% of the gold in the world is crystallized. These natural gold nuggets and gold specimens are true - one of a kind - masterpieces from the earth’s natural elements and are found mostly in pockets where the gold was able to crystallize while it formed, much the same way other crystals form deep inside the earth.
Most of the hard rock mines that uncovered these extremely rare gold nugget crystals are closed today and it is extremely rare to have a new discovery of crystallized gold nuggets or gold specimens.
At, we are experts on natural gold nuggets and gold specimens and guarantee all our gold nuggets are natural and not man made.

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