Gold Crystal Cluster Specimen from the Yukon Territory


A fantastic 3 gram piece of gold! A cluster of well formed octahedron and trigon gold crystals. A very plump and faceted piece with a brilliant gold color. This is a special piece from a handful of gold crystal nuggets we recently sourced from the Yukon. Gold like this is not typical from the Yukon and most placer nuggets are river worn with slight variation. These are gold crystals and are a category of their own. We search long and hard to find the rarest and best gold from around the world. Honestly, we've never seen gold from the Yukon or Alaska that can match this recent find - truly special gold.

Interested in learning more about gold crystals? Click here to read an article I recently published on our other website, The Gold Museum.

Weight: 3.09 grams (47.66 grains)
Dimensions: 3/8" by 3/8" or 10mm by 10mm.

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