Beautiful Australian Natural Gold Nugget - Victoria, Australia


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I have recently acquired a handful of natural gold nuggets from the Bendigo Gold Fields in Victoria, Australia. This is a beautiful example of the brilliant gold that is still being found by miners and prospectors in Australia. The color on this natural gold nugget is a very deep buttery yellow gold and Australian gold is very pure at 95 to 97% pure gold. I hand select each gold nugget to insure it meets our strict quality standards. These are some of the best Australian gold nuggets available and will be a great addition to any collection.
Item #TM192
Weight: 0.97 grams (14.98 grains)
Dimensions: 7/16" or 11mm.

There is gold and then there is GOLD! Not all gold was created equal. At we spend most of our time seeking out the world’s finest gold nuggets and gold specimens.
-Only about 2% of the gold in the world is in “gold nugget” form and the other 98% is microscopic speck and flake gold found in ore. A good gold ore today will have about one ounce of gold for every two tons of rock. -
At, we are experts on natural gold nuggets and gold specimens and guarantee all our gold nuggets and gold specimens are natural and not man-made.

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