Alta Floresta, MT, Brazil - Large Gold Nugget Crystal

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A fantastic and large gold crystal nugget from Alta Floresta, Brazil. This almost 3/4 of an ounce rare gold crystal comes from the jungles of Brazil. It's a very dimensional and intricate piece and it shows you something different on every side. There are octahedron crystals blanketing one side, deep fluting on another side, stretched striated crystals on one side, and intricate hoppering on yet another side. This is really a beauty and a wonderful feel in the hand. When I found this piece on my travels, I kept pulling it out of my backpack to study and marvel at it with amazement...a really remarkable piece of gold.

Item # M19
Weight: 21.90 grams (353 grains)
Dimensions: 7/8" by 3/4" or 22mm by 17mm

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