Dendritic Gold Nugget Crystals on Quartz - Round Mtn, Nevada


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A "wow" from the Round Mountain Mine in Nye County, Nevada. A beautiful gold in quartz specimen with waves and waves of dendritic leaf gold covering the surface. I have many gold nugget specimens from Round Mountain, but few match the uniqueness and caliber of this piece. This is a gold in quartz specimen that helps me better understand how gold crystals form on the inside walls of the pockets deep inside the mine. Take a look at the last photo and you can see where this piece was carefully cut away from the pocket wall and while most of the quartz is white, there is a small amount of rose quartz on the cut side. A brilliant small cabinet piece and a prize in any prestigious collection.

Item# TM7
Weight: 22.4 grams (345 grains)
Dimensions: 1-1/2" or 40mm

Interested in learning more about gold crystals? Click here to read an article I recently published on our other website, The Gold Museum.

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