Alaska - Museum Grade - Wire Nest Gold Crystal Specimen

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Where to begin describing this amazing natural piece of gold from Alaska. I've literally studied it for hours and spent half a day photographing it. It is one of my favorite pieces and I was reluctant to put it up for sale, but here it is.
Often I see gold crystal specimens that have an "a" side (the spectacular side) and a "b" side that is less interesting, usually the "b" side is the side that was against the wall of the pocket in the mine and is flattened. This specimen doesn't have a "b" side and the entire specimen is intricate and spectacular. The "a" side is a nest of magnificent sturdy wire gold crystals that mesh, intertwine and spill over at the top, branching out in all directions. Take a look at the last photo - the wires at the top of the specimen have terrific striated fluting.
The "b" side defies words. In the left side of the photo, there is a spectacular pattern I've never seen before, almost herringbone but wavy and very precise in formation. Cutting through the middle there is a protruding swath of defined octahedron gold crystals that stand tall and create a mountain range of winding crystals. The right side of the specimen has a completely different pattern of tightly clustered and uniform gold crystals that form a dynamic textured surface...A spectacular piece of gold from every angle.
I went through quite a negotiation to purchase this piece but I wasn't leaving without it. It's in my top five pieces of gold that I have ever seen.

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Weight: 5.37 grams (84.0 grains)
Dimensions: 1" by 5/8" or 25mm by 19mm.

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