Beautiful Gold in Quartz - Fire Creek Gold Mine, Nevada


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Something a bit different from a new mine in Nevada. A sharply contrasting gold in quartz specimen. The gold is electrum gold (gold with silver) and in its natural state, is much more rare than gold. The electrum is well crystalized with a brilliant branching dendritic pattern. The gold side of the specimen has been polished to better show the detail of the gold and the specimen was cut at an angle to show the beautiful quartz vein and gold against the grey rock. The specimen tells a story and shows how gold forms in quartz. Through millions of years of geothermal activity (hot water and steam), the quartz flowed up through cracks in the earth and attached to the rock. Much the same way calcium is deposited and accumulated in water pipes in your home after long usage of flowing water. Along with the quartz, gold and other metals were forced up through the cracks and through a very slow process, it crystalized and grew with the accumulation of quartz. These are great gifts, conversation pieces or a unique addition to any gold collection.

Item# FC9
Weight: 11.6 grams (180 grains)
Dimensions: 1-3/4" or 45mm

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