Modified Trigon Gold Crystal - Artru Gold Mine - Mariposa, CA


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This one is just cool and the photos do it little justice. I count five trigons on this specimen and they are clustered together on several sides making a pyramid form. A magnificent gold specimen from California. The Artru Gold Mine is located in Mariposa County at the southern most part of the Mother Load Gold belt in California. The mine has long been closed to any underground workings, but a single prospector was allowed to work the surface with a backhoe excavator and a metal detector to uncover these crystalized gold specimens. I have a small handful of these available and when they are gone, I doubt I will ever see any more gold from this location.

Interested in learning more about gold crystals? Click here to read an article I recently published on our other website, The Gold Museum.

Item# EC10
Weight: 0.86 grams (13.27 grains)
Dimensions: 1/4" or 7mm

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