Elongated and Intricate Natural Gold Crystal - Round Mountain


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Nice elongated gold crystal with a brilliant gold color and some intricate striated patterns on the surface. Round Mountain gold is certainly some of the most interesting gold in the world. Sadly, the mine has stopped preserving the specimen gold that they mine and stopped doing so in 2016 when it was fully bought out by Kinross Mining Corporation. Now all gold that is mined will be melted down and poured into bullion - what gold specimens remain are quickly being hoarded by collectors and investors. The gold I have for sale on the website is mostly from my private collection. There will be no more gold coming from Round Mountain unless Kinross changes it's mind regarding preserving these rare treasures.

Item# TM28
Weight: 0.38 grams (5.86 grains)
Dimensions: 1/2" or 13mm

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