Ribbon and Octahedron Crystal Gold Specimen


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A mezmorizing gold specimen from Round Mountain. This gold crystal grew in a quartz pocket deep inside the mountain and the bottom half formed first with magnificent clusters of octahedron crystals. Over time, the crystal grew long striated ribbons that jettison upwards and twist at the top - Just amazing, especially when you understand the rarity of these pieces and the complexity of how they form over hundreds of thousands of years with heat, gravity, and lots of time. Gold crystals make about 0.04% of all the gold that is mined, making them extremely rare and in a class of their own. You can still see a small amount of white quartz on the bottom of the specimen showing where it began its life and formation.

Item # T317
Weight: 0.93 grams (14.28 grains)
Dimensions: 1-1/8" or 28mm.

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