Intricate Plump Form- Large Jewelry Grade Australian Gold Nugget


This is a very proud and gorgeous gold nugget. The color is outstanding and it has a very high purity. The form is of particular interest and its a very dimensional piece of gold with faceted edges. Truly a marvel to hold in your hand. This beautiful nugget was found by a prospector metal detecting in Western Australia. It is a substantial weight at over a third of a troy ounce weighing in at 11.70 grams. Jewelers, investors, and collectors love Australian Gold Nuggets like this one because of their high purity and beautiful color. Larger nuggets like this is hard to find for sale, especially a special hand selected gold nugget such as this one, which collectors tend to hoard. Australian gold nuggets are 92% to 98% pure, some of the purest nuggets in the world. J259

Weight: 11.7 grams (179 grains)
Dimensions: 7/8" by 1/2" by 1/2" or 23mm by 15mm by 13mm.

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