Papua New Guinea - Mt. Kare - Massive Gold Crystal Specimen

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Some of the most interesting gold crystals in the world came from Mt. Kare during it's time in operation - brilliant and intricate gold crystals. But most are on the small side and range between one and five grams. Never have I seen a 17 gram gold crystal with this caliber from Mt. Kare. It's a museum gold specimen based on it's size, sharpness of the crystals, and purity. A brilliant yellow gold with a purity estimated at 97% gold. There are no dull or worn crystals and it is completely made up of sharp and faceted octahedron and trigon crystals. A true one of a kind from Mt. Kare and a centerpiece in any prestigious collection. This is one of my best from my personal collection when you consider its rare location and brilliance of the crystals. I am offering it for sale, but perfectly happy if it stays with me as it's one of my favorite gold specimens.

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Item# M131
Weight: 17.9 grams (276.4 grains)
Dimensions: 1-1/8" by 11/16" by 3/8" or 29mm by 17mm by 10mm

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