Brilliant and Intricate Gold Specimen - Round Mountain

Certainly a piece to be admired and a large piece at just under half an ounce (__________grams.) An intricate structure of layered gold with some areas being crusty and dense crystalized gold and extensions of leaf gold that are covered in hoppered and slightly protruding trigon crystals, like a textured wall paper of triangles - brilliant and extremely rare. The piece has a pure gold color and is museum quality when you account for the larger size and dynamic structure. Scroll down through all of the photos and take a look at these amazing hoppered trigon crystals. Perfect lines and I count five to six layers or hoppering on some of these trigons - amazing!

Interested in learning more about gold crystals? Click here to read an article I recently published on our other website, The Gold Museum.

Weight: grams ( grains)
Dimensions: " or mm.

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