Stunning Dendritic Leaf Gold Cluster - Round Mountain


A brilliant mass of leaf and wire gold clustered together to form this brilliant piece of natural gold from Round Mountain. Each leaf is brilliant with a dendritic wavy form and is present on both sides. The color is a beautiful deep gold color and the luster is fantastic. This is about as good as it gets from this famous mine in Nevada.
The Round Mountain Gold mine stopped preserving its gold specimens nearly a decade ago as they are now a large producing mine owned by the Kinross Gold Corporation. What specimens remain are ones found on the open market through private collectors. I recently acquired a handful of these magnificent gold specimens from a private collection. They are truly some of the best wire gold specimens I have seen from this location.

Item# T877
Weight: 9.7 grams (149.5 grains)
Dimensions: 1-3/8" or 32mm

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