Magnificent Rounded Gold Crystal - Pontes Lacerda, Brazil


Truly a magnificent piece of natural crystallized gold. It has a rounded form with the main face being flat with an amazing and sharp hoppered and cavernous crystal form. Weighing 1.37 troy ounces, it is one of my larger gold crystals from this location.

The gold from Serra do Caldeirão claims, Pontes e Lacerda, Alto Guaporé District, Mato Grosso, Brazil was a short lived phenomenon when gold was discovered there in 2015. Thousands of locals and would be prospectors flocked to the area to claim their fortune. The Brazil government shut off the location within months and has tried to halt any of these golds from leaving the county. While the area is shut off, I'm told there are still prospectors who dig at night to try to uncover more of these magnificent gold crystals. I work diligently with a family in Brazil to purchase these specimens when I can find them. They are now considered very rare and are a true prize in any prestigious collection.

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Item# T653
Weight: 42.79 grams (1.37 Troy Ounces)
Dimensions: 1" or 26mm

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