Extremely Rare - Crystalized Gold Specimen - Leadville, Colorado


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As they say in real estate, "location, location, location". The same can be said for gold nuggets. The more rare the location, the more desirable the gold can be to serious gold collectors and investors. Gold from Leadville is still being found in small quantities but the majority of gold from Colorado is ore type gold with only some gold nuggets. This gold specimen is especially rare being from Leadville Colorado and being so very well crystalized. A very chunky gold specimen that is comprised of gold crystal grouped together in clusters and a very tiny inclusion of quartz on one side. When I first saw it, it didn't grab my attention until I took out my jewelers loupe and got a closer look. It is magnificent and incredibly rare when you consider the location and the quality of the specimen. Take a look at the photos and I think you'll agree, it is a masterpiece.

Item# M273
Weight: 9.90 grams (152.5 grains)
Dimensions: 7/8" or 23mmm

Interested in learning more about gold crystals? Click here to read an article I recently published on our other website, The Gold Museum.

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