A Magnificent Anomaly - Gold in Quartz and Malachite

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A fascinating anomaly in the world of geology. A brilliant gold in quartz and malachite specimen from the Bleida Far West Mine in Morocco. I have shown this piece to several geologists and mineral experts and none of them have ever seen malachite with gold. This is my only specimen remaining from four that I purchased from the mine. They are incredibly rare and the only location in the world to have stumbled upon this mineral combination. The aesthetics of the specimen are memorizing with the contrasting smoky grey quartz, vibrant green malachite, and warm and crusty crystalline gold.

I have done a specific gravity test and x-ray to determine the gold content. This is a difficult and almost impossible task because there are two unknowns (gold and malachite) but I was able to determine that approximately 32 grams of the specimen are not quartz and are a combination of gold and malachite. My best guess is the specimen contains 10 to 15 grams of gold (gold is nine times heavier than quartz and five times heavier than malachite).

Item# M202
Weight: 75.9 grams (1172 grains)
Dimensions: 2' by 1-1/2" or 50mm by 37mm

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