Sharp Trigon Crystal Specimen - Mt. Kare, Papua New Guinea


A brilliant and shiny color on this rare natural gold specimen from Mt. Kare, Papua New Guinea. The gold rush on Mt. Kare was a recent phenomenon that began in 1988 when a group of surveyors discovered gold nuggets while digging a toilet hole at their camp. They attempted to keep the find a secret but word quickly got out and within months, there were 10,000 locals all there to strike it rich. It's estimated that a million ounces were recovered from Mt. Kare. Most of the gold has been melted down into bullion but the crystalized gold was hoarded by collectors. It's rare to see Mt. Kare on the open market these days.

Item# M166
Weight: 0.94 grams (14.50 grains)
Dimensions: 1/2" or 13mm

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