Willow Creek, Nevada - Gold Specimen with Crystals on Quartz


A very large gold in quartz specimen from a new location in Nevada. The Willow Creek Mine is showing some promising new gold specimens. This is a brilliant piece cut from the wall of one of the first pockets of discovery. A brilliant gathering of sharp feather like gold that taper out across the front of the piece. When you see a piece like this, you get a better understanding of how the gold forms on the inside walls of the pockets deep inside the mine. Often times the gold crystals cannot take the excavation and become loose specimens or they are cut away from the quartz. This is a unique piece with the gold nugget crystals left on the quartz. This is a show piece and a medium cabinet gold in quartz specimen that would be a highlight in any prestigious collection.

Item# TM5
Weight: 178.5 grams (2746 grains)
Dimensions: 4-1/4" or 10.5cm

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