GG Claims, California - Beautiful Gold in Quartz

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Wow, what a brilliant yellow gold cluster that contrasts against the white quartz. A wonderful small cabinet piece and any gold in quartz from California is now considered very rare. This gold in quartz specimen is from the G.G. mine in the mother load of California. The mine is now closed as are most of the hard rock mines in California. Regulations and environmental concerns are the main reasons many of these historic gold mines have closed. The only real hard rock gold mine still operating in California is the Colorado Quartz Mine in Mariposa County, California. I have spoken with the Quartz's Mine's owner and they are having a difficult time keeping the mine open. It's a end of an era of sorts and anytime I see gold in quartz from any of these locations, I try to grab it for myself or for my collectors as I know it won't be available forever.

Item# TM9
Weight: 12.10 grams (187.2 grains)
Dimensions: 1-1/2" or 37mm

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