Jewelry Grade Gold Nugget from Australia


This is a very interesting Australian Natural Raw Gold Nugget. It is quite long at 3/4" (20 mm) long and it weighs in at 5.1 Grams (78.9 Grains). Jewelry/Investment Grade Australian Gold Nuggets like this one are very pure (92% to 98% pure, some of the purest natural gold nuggets in the world), and they make a great investment and are highly prized by gold collectors, investors and jewelers. Jewelry/Investment grade are the highest quality natural gold nuggets you can buy and they are very hard to find for sale. Few of the natural gold nuggets found by gold prospectors are of this high grade. I specialize in buying and selling them. This awesome gold nugget was found by a gold prospector in Australia using a metal detector. It would look great in any gold nugget collection. Like all our other nuggets, it comes with a certificate of authenticity. J1

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