Our gold nugget business is going on two decades and started in 1999 when Garry and Janet decided that they would start selling off their extensive collection of gold specimens and gold nuggets. We started selling online and we were excited at the excellent response to our offerings, and we quickly sold many of our prized treasures. Soon gold prospectors, gold miners, and other gold collectors started to offer us gold nuggets to purchase, and the online gold nugget market began, we quickly became known for showcasing and having the largest selection and variety of natural gold nuggets and specimens ever offered online.

Garry and Janet have been planning to retire. To keep the business alive and growing, in May of 2017 we took on a business partner, Mike. Mike is much younger than us and he is creative, full of enthusiasm, and most importantly, he is extremely honest and ethical, character traits that we highly value and have become well known for. Mike is a perfect match to our business, and he is quickly becoming a professional in the gold business.

Since we started selling gold nuggets and specimens online almost two decades ago, we have sold well over 12,000 gold nuggets and specimens. We have many repeat buyers as we offer the very highest quality gold nuggets and specimens available anywhere. Every gold nugget has been hand selected and unless otherwise stated in the item description, every one of our Gold Nuggets are “Jewelry/Investment Grade”, and as such, are the highest quality available anywhere. Unlike common grade natural gold nuggets which often sell near the spot price of gold, “Hand Selected Jewelry/Investment Grade Natural Gold Nuggets” always command a significant premium over spot gold prices. Most of our buyers are investors, collectors, and jewelers, as they love our highest quality hand selected gold nuggets and specimens. You won’t find such a huge selection of different types of high quality natural gold nuggets anywhere else.

We provide excellent Customer Service, and we are very quick to reply to emails, so if you have any questions about anything you see on our website, or you have any problems going through checkout, or if you have natural gold nuggets and specimens that you want to sell, please contact us at: Gold NuggetsForSale@gmail.com